Monday, August 27, 2012

The Storm is Brewing, Inside...

When we awoke this morning the wind was stilling howling outside, but the rain had ceased.  Although clouds still loom it is really a nice day outside, despite the humidity, which is a killer on my hair.  But the real storm has moved inside this morning. 

We started out with a nice breakfast where we were motivated by speeches from Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens...
 And Lieutenant Governor, Casey Cagle
 The highlight of the morning was definitely the humorous and informative conversation with Fox News contributor and Pollster, Frank Luntz.  He was spot on with his message about what Republicans need to do to win in November.  He also made a few presentations.  He presented a gorgeous piece of Steve Penley art to Chairman Everhart and the GA GOP.  The pictures below do not do justice to Penley's work.

He also brought another Penley piece which he auctioned off.  Suzanne Hudgens was the lucky winner of the beautiful art below.  Congratulations Ralph & Suzanne!

 The eye of the storm came during the business portion of the meeting.  Sue Everhart explained that there were four delegates that were not willing to sign the petition to cast their vote for Romney.  There are numerous schools of thought on whether this is right or wrong.  I am not giving these details to start a debate on this issue.  I just want all my friends back home to get an idea of what the delegates are doing while we are here.  I will say, that as a delegate for the Republican party, we must do our due diligence to see that the party is united and that the nominee wins in November.  As delegates we were elected to represent the republicans in our district, not our own personal preference.  We are also expected to represent what the majority of our district would want, not just the beliefs of a few.  At this point in GA, the majority of registered republicans want Romney/Ryan to receive our delegate votes.  Who your choice was in the Presidential Primary really isn't important at this point in the process.  What is important is presenting a unified front so that we can rally the troops and send Obama packing!!  Below is a video that was taken at our meeting this morning.  It shows our Chairman speaking to this issue.  She does a great job explaining the importance of being able to cast ALL our delegate votes for Romney/Ryan.  As you can see from the video, the overwhelming majority of our friends in attendance are enthusiastically on board with a unified GA Delegation.  The volume is low, so you will have to listen carefully.  Also, keep in mind that I did not take this video and I do not agree with the video's description or many of the comments.  Enjoy!

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