Thursday, August 30, 2012

GOP & Generation X

Oh what a night, late in Summer here is 2012 (you add the tune).  Last night was riveting, revealing, and REALLY fun!!!

I was prepared with new, super comfy shoes and ready to get the party started.  Heading into the convention hall, was again a surreal experience for me.  Not sure I will ever truly come to grips with the fact that this isn't a dream, but a reality!!
 One of the best things about this experience is that you can be walking to the bathroom and Oh My - who do I run into.  My good friend, Rick Santorum.  One of the staffers took the picture and the first time he "clicked" it it didn't take.  Rick handed the camera back to him to take it again.  Awesome guy!! Just pretend you don't notice that I have no chin - hee hee. 

 Another great thing about this is that I have made several really great friends.  My new friend, Ginger Howard, and I are really having a great time on the floor.  Many people have asked us if we are sisters.  I keep saying we are Soul Sisters.  We seem to always be thinking the same thing and we have loved to laugh!  I am blessed beyond measure with this new friendship! I have also been blessed to meet Debbie.  We had a fun night celebrating together!

 Huge honor - Mrs. "the most put together, gorgeous woman ever" Gingrich paid me a beautiful compliment last night.  I was blown away by her warmth and genuine interest in meeting all those that were reaching out to her.  What a wonderful representative of a Southern Lady.  Terrible picture of me (eyes closed) but she looks great - as always!!

 There are so many fun and interesting things that happen on the floor during the speeches that make this so memorable.  Last night I was on the end of the isle and there was a ton of media cameras pointed at the Gingriches.  Because I was sitting right behind them, the cameras were pointing at me the entire evening.  This was fun!  There was one photographer in particular that kept his camera on a few of us the entire night.  We got really cracked up with him.  He was snapping pictures of us every time we moved.  I told some other delegates with me that I hope I don't see those pictures, photo shopped, swirling around Facebook!!

There are always hecklers that try to dampen the mood of the convention.  Last night was no different.  I am amazed that people still risk doing this because all it does is jazz up the crowd.  While Future VP Paul Ryan was speaking, someone started shouting something (couldn't even tell what she was saying) and we stood and began chanting USA.  A friend on Facebook commented that isn't it funny that the Democrats chant "Obama" and we chant "USA".  That was certainly true last night.  I am proud of my country.  I am proud of our freedoms.  I loved last night that Paul Ryan pointed out that their administration doesn't want to replace our founding principles, like the current administration, but they will reapply them.  And isn't that what we need?  A return to the basic founding principles of our government.  A return to giving the people control of their future, their child's education, and their healthcare??? Okay - I'll stop stumping now.  But it is true.  We need a change and that change is Romney/Ryan.  I don't know who you supported in the primary, but now is the time to all come together for one cause - FREEDOM!  Ha - that would make a pretty good campaign speech wouldn't it!! LOL!

One of my favorite lines of the night was when Future VP Paul Ryan referred to the play list on his iPod.  AC/DC to Zeppelin he said.  He is a Generation Xer.  He is from my generation.  Why does this matter?? This matters because if you are reading this blog and you are considered an Xer it is time for us to step up.  No more pretending to be involved.  No more sitting on the sidelines.  We must take the reigns and assist Paul Ryan in taking back our country.  

Thank you Paul Ryan for the sacrifice you are making to take back our country.  May we all be motivated to follow your lead!!

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