Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane Party Anyone???

A few things this GA girl loves is good conversation and a good party and tonight I got both.  The Tampa Delegation threw a wonderful party for the entire RNC Delegation.  This was supposed to be a welcome party, but it is turning into more of a hurricane party.  The winds are picking up and the rain is really coming down!  Issac has arrived and he hasn't dampened the spirits here at all.  

We were bused from our hotel to Tropicana Field (for those non-sports folks out there, my husband tells me this is where the Tampa Bay Rays play baseball).  I was amazed at the security.  Up and down the highway about 1/4 mile apart were state patrol, and there were security boats in the Causeway as well.  The closer we got to Tropicana Field the crazier security got.  All the roads are literally barricaded shut.  The policeman on our bus told us that there are 3000 law enforcement officials from all over the state that have been brought in for this week.  No doubt I certainly feel safe!!

Upon arrival we were ushered through security screenings and finally entered the building.  The music was loud and the atmosphere was fun.  The event was sponsored by Busch Gardens and had a pirate theme.  

Drummers greeted us as we arrived - loud, but fun!
 There were residents from Busch Gardens in attendance as well.  This little lemur was enjoying the attention.
 The flamingos were walking around like they owned the place.
The food was amazing, but the presentation definitely took center stage.  This hog was a bit much for me, but my boys will love it!  I heard one friend say that this is the only pork that Republicans support!!

 Being at a baseball field and me being married to an avid baseball fan, we had to get our picture taken in the dugout.  Very cool!

 You all know I love to talk, especially to people I don't know.  I think meeting people from all across the country, that share similar values, is one of the best things about this experience so far.  We were able to meet so many representatives from so many states - all gathered for one purpose - to take back America in November!!! 
 Some entertainment for the evening - a miniature cirque performance. 

 What a fun evening.
We are nestled in for the night.  Our TV is getting no signal and you can hear the rain hitting the window outside.  It is peaceful and I have had time to reflect on the week ahead.  Being a delegate at the RNC is something I never expected I would have the privilege of experiencing.  However, I am continuing to learn that I serve a God that is greater than the most outlandish dreams I could ever dream.  That realization is what gives me encouragement for this election.  It is an extremely important election.  We must all vote.  Men and women have fought and died in our nation's history for the privilege to vote and we must never take that for granted.  But, we must also recognize that we serve a God that is completely sovereign.  He is in control of every election and He has a plan, regardless.  That is what this Southern Gal is holding on to!  Goodnight!

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