Monday, August 27, 2012

Frank Luntz Training Session

My new friend Catherine McDonald took some great notes this morning while Fox New Contributor and Pollster was speaking to the GA Delegation.  He gave great advice on what Americans are listening to when being persuaded to vote for Romney.  Please use these tips from Frank over the next 71 days of this campaign when talking to undecided voters or even Obama supporters that may not realize who/what they are voting for. 

Here are 'Cliff Notes' of Frank Luntz's talk to us today-let's use these to guide our conversations with folks over the next 71 days!!:

The 5 Attributes that Republicans/conservatives will bring to the country when voted into office:
1. More Money $$$ (Will lower taxes)
2. More Choices  (on health care, education, jobs)
3. More Time  (don't have to work 2 jobs, less compliance burdens)
4. Fewer hassles (fewer burdensome/stupid regulations)
5. No worries!  (more certainty about business conditions, ability to hire or to find a job)

*Use QUESTIONS with people - "Do you want:_____________?  Fill in the blank with items 1-5 above, emphasizing that with the Romney/
Ryan team, you will be able to count on having all of these.  (The Democrats/Obama have no plans to accomplish any of them.)

Numbers to repeat:
23 Million - Americans out of Work  (The MOST since Great Depression)
8.3% Unemployment - AND over 16% adding those who've stopped looking (MANY now on Welfare/Disability) or only work Part-time.

The 5 most powerful sentences you can use to describe what Conservatives/the Republican Party Stand for:
1. We are Fighting for hardworking taxpayers.  NOT the 'middle class', or any class designation

2. We are Fighting for Economic Freedom. (Main Street!) DO NOT say we are 'defending capitalism'-as most folks connect capitalism with Wall Street.
3. We bring leaders (Romney/Ryan) who will give it you you straight - NO MORE budget tricks, empty promises, or gimmicks.
4. It's all about being REAL, GENUINE, AND AUTHENTIC.   Real jobs, genuine commitment to the American idea, with an authentic plan for the budget.
5. Our Leaders are getting OFF the Stage-and into the audience, among the citizens. (think Paul Ryan)  (R's tend to look too much like lawyers, behind the podium, in suits.  We must relate better to the common man, still be 'official' when required-but respectful of all).

The Differences between how the average voter perceives Obama & Romney right now:
Romney: See him as a great "Fixer" who doesn't understand peoples' problems
Obama:   See him as understanding peoples' problems, but having NO idea of how to fix anything.

-Mitt Romney is a man of great Substance, not Style-Obama is a man of 'style', with NO substance.

Our challenge & job is to help people understand WHO Mitt Romney is; (below are my personal descriptors:)
-a decent, honest family man,
-a committed problem solver, who cares about YOU,
-a smart, successful business man who knows how to create jobs and wants every American to succeed,
-a man of great faith who loves his country and it's Founding principles.

Finally-We must me HAPPY WARRIORS- don't be angry or get angry when you engage!!  Think Ronald Reagan!

Thanks Catherine for these helpful tips and thanks for Frank Luntz for helping us frame the debate in a way that will reach the American people!

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