Monday, August 27, 2012

Do the Rules Need to Change?

You may have heard about a controversy among the Romney camp and grassroots activists within the GOP.  A little background on what is happening.  Every four years our party holds a National Convention to nominate our nominee for president.  However, this isn't the only business that takes place at the convention.  There is the business of setting the GOP Platform for the next four years as well as adding, deleting, or changing any rules that may or may not be good for the GOP. 

On Friday a committee met for 10 hours going over all the rules for the GOP for next four years.  They worked hard to put together a good set of rules that would strengthen our party.  However, anytime you have differing priorities and agendas there may be disagreement.  The two representatives to the Rules Committee from Georgia explained in our delegation meeting this morning that one rule was proposed that would essentially give the Presidential Nominee the power to "vet" and control who gets picked to be delegates to the next national party convention.  This clearly takes the power of electing delegates away from the districts and states.  This was a big concern to myself and most of the Georgia delegation. 

Throughout the day different statements were made from some of our delegates as well as delegates from other states who were not in agreement with this rule change.  A big floor fight was brewing for tomorrows convention and we were all concerned that the rule would pass, but also concerned about how this proposed rule was being divisive to our party.

In classic GOP style, the two sides came together to hammer out their differences and come up with a compromise.  The compromise doesn't take away power from the grassroots, but still protects the nominee from delegates that are bound to vote for a certain candidate, but go against who they are bound, by the rules, to support.

One reason I love this process is that we can take many different personalities, views, and priorities and still come together and hammer out our differences.  We can work together to support what is best for our party.  This is a great victory at the national level for the grassroots republicans all across our nation. Thank you to all those who worked hard to come up with a compromise.  This is a great party and I am thankful to be a part of it!!

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